Thermal Label Printers: Considerations While Purchasing One

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A bar code printer is specifically made to make bar-code labels. Bar code printers work with a thermal transfer system to apply the ink to labels. You must be mindful never to expose printed labels to extreme heat, sunlight and also other chemicals. If labels are subjected to specific components they can virtually become unreadable.

There are always a variety of bar-code printers presently on the market. The Zebra HC-100 thermal series is specifically made to make wristband printing easier. It is as simple as adding the Zebra Wristband cartridge into the Zebra HC-100 printer. TJE Wristband cartridge makes color printing of images and texts rather easy.

This kind of bar-code printer is often useful for individual registration within a hospital setting. Additionally, the printer is also useful for hands-free ticketing at a variety of venues and occasions.

TEASPOON-TDP-244 Bar-Code printer has a massive amount memory designed right within the printer. In addition, the TEASPOON-TDP-244 can be used to get a variety of applications. The printer comes with 4-MB flash memory and has a print resolution of 203 dpi.

The TEASPOON-TDP-244 additionally includes a label spindle and Reflective media sensor. This printer lets you simply store fonts and character sets to be used at a later time. The TEASPOON-TDP-244 Bar-Code printer is reasonably priced at under $300.

The Zebra LP-2824 Bar Code Printer is one of many littlest thermal kind printers on the market. In addition, this printer can also be among the simplest to utilize thermal printers. Furthermore, the LP-2824 features a 32-bit RISC cpu which enables quick formatting and greater flexibility.

The LP-2824 Bar Code Printer gives "Open-Access" which makes media loading and monitoring a simple task. This an easy task to run printer now offers 64 MB's of flash-memory. This thermal printer can be purchased for approximately $225. More: similar web site.

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